6 Things That Stain Your Teeth

We’ve all been there. We eat something a dark shade of purple, and the next time we look in the mirror, our tongues are black and our teeth coated in color. Scan this list of top foods and drinks known to discolor teeth, and try to rinse and brush after having them. When that is not an option, use water to flush them out of your mouth.

TOOTH STAINER #1: Orange Popsicles

And purple and red and sky-blue ones, too. Foods such as flavored ice pops that get their color from dyes can stain your teeth. Remember this rule: If it turns your tongue a different color, it’s also discoloring your teeth, just in a less noticeable way.

TOOTH STAINER #2: Dark Berries

From blueberries to raspberries and cranberries, all those berries can stain your teeth. This is not a reason to avoid eating these potent, antioxidant-packed superfoods. Just be sure to rinse with water after popping the juicy fruits in your mouth.


Yes, red wine is a known offender — but did you know that white wine, with its tannins, could also discolor your teeth? Be sure to stop drinking wine 30 minutes before your nighttime brush-floss-rinse routine to achieve best results.


This sugary, dark condiment with potent spices, like curry, cumin and turmeric, can stain your teeth over time. Just be sure to rinse and brush after meals containing ketchup. If that’s not an option, drink water to flush away tooth-staining food particles.


You don’t have to quit your caffeine habit just because it stains your teeth—just put it on ice and try and use a straw when sipping down the dark liquid.


With or without sugar, soda discolors your teeth and smile. Soda is no friend to your mouth and should be avoided.