The challenge is on — Bring Out The Bold™.


Chronic gingivitis affects over 90% of the world’s adult population to some degree.1

But, by boldly going beyond the reach of brushing and interdental cleaning, LISTERINE® aims to reduce gingivitis to provide cleaner mouths and healthier gums for every patient, at every site. What inspired such a bold goal?


By surveying over 4000 patients globally, the Study of Bold Oral Health2 uncovered that many patients want to improve their daily oral care routine and are interested in learning how to do so. These bold insights demonstrate their partnership in achieving the shared goal of better oral care:


90% of patients are willing to use a mouthwash for enhanced oral health 76% of patients are willing to add another step to their oral care routine for a better checkup 60% of patients want a professional recommendation before starting a healthy habit


A landmark, peer-reviewed analysis has provided the most conclusive evidence to date on the additive benefits of LISTERINE® compared to brushing and interdental cleaning (mechanical methods [MM]) alone. Proof from this analysis of 29 studies involving over 5000 patients3 found that those who added LISTERINE® to mechanical methods had:


LISTERINE® users had nearly 5x more plaque-free sites at 6 months vs. MM alone and over 2x more healthy gingival sites at 6 months vs. MM alone

These results confirm that a world of better oral health is not only possible, but attainable. And it all starts with a dental professional like you.

Let’s bring out the bold together.

*Based on self-reported data from a survey of patients in Brazil, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States (N=4134).

References: 1. Coventry J, Griffiths G, Scully C, Tonetti M. ABC of oral health: periodontal disease. Brit Med J. 2000;321(7252):36-39. 2. Data on file, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 3. Araujo MWB, Charles CA, Weinstein RB, et al. Meta-analysis of the effect of an essential oil–containing mouthrinse on gingivitis and plaque. J Am Dent Assoc. 2015;146(8):610-622 and/or post hoc analyses of data.

A bold opportunity knocking:

76% of patients would add another step to their oral care routine for a better checkup.*